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Water Foam

A little about me...

I am a writer and creator located in  North Carolina. I believe it's never too late to create positive change in your life. I don't just say that, I know it to be true. I'm living proof.

I lived the majority of my life from a place of fear. I feared change and confrontation. I was stuck in a prison that only existed inside my mind. I graduated college twice as old as my peers. That sparked a journey of growth and self-exploration that continues today. 

Each of us is a perfect and unique expression of the Divine, right now, in this moment. We are dynamic creatures, always changing – if we allow it. It is when we resist change, specifically fear of the unknown that change may bring, that suffering begins. 

We are all one, but each of us is equipped with talents, passions, and abilities that make us uniquely qualified to fulfill our purpose in life. Purpose changes over time and we must be willing to evolve with it. 

No matter where your life began, no matter what you have done, faced, endured or survived, you are worthy of love. When I say love, I mean the fierce, enduring and eternal part within each of us. There is nothing weak or mushy about it. 

Once you begin to understand this, your life will open in ways you can't possibly imagine. 
P.S. Here's a pic of Charlie. He really is the best fur baby on the planet.
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