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A Choice

Each and every day we have a choice – the path of love or the path of fear. We are responsible only for our actions and our reactions. We cannot choose or dictate how others will behave, no matter how much we might want to.

I chose the path of fear in my life for many years. When I choose fear, I feel small and weak. Powerless. I forget who I am. I forget the truth that I am light and love. I forget that I hold power and wisdom within me. I forget that I am whole just as I am. There are some that say having little messages or affirmations around to remind us of our truth is a sign of weakness, a crutch. But they’re not. We’ve been raised in a world that defaults to fear, to darkness. You know the drill…when in doubt, be scared. Sometimes those little reminders are the only bit of light surrounding us at the time. And a little bit of light is all it takes to redirect us. When I close my eyes and take a deep breath and focus on that nugget of light, it reminds me of my truth. It reminds me of my light so I can soldier on and keep walking the path.

No darkness, no matter how vast, can diminish a single flame.

Light is simply too powerful. We are surrounded by media on all sides intent on mounting fear. It leads to anxiety and panic if you allow it to take hold. This is what the news industry feeds on. But what about the occasional story of someone’s selfless act? A story of light?

These stories, despite their rarity, are what our souls are drawn to. These are the ones that get shared and retweeted over and over again. They resonate with us because our true nature is light. Our default is hope and love. One look at survivors of unimaginable horrors that have gone on to share wisdom and love gained from their experiences shows us that.

We are hard-wired for light, for the path of love. It’s in our DNA. Choose light. Share it with the world. We need it now more than ever. This is your light. This is your life!

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