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The Fallacy of Fearless and Why That's a Good Thing

What if we viewed fear differently? As something to be embraced rather than avoided? What if fear is an invitation to look deeper?


The Path of Spiritual Growth: The Grace of the "In-Between"

The in-between is the world of the unknown, which in and of itself is enough to make it uncomfortable. Doubt and fear arise in this place. We question our direction, our worth and our guidance. Dark nights of the soul become abysmally long. 


The Wisdom of Your Body: Living Your Best Life With Chronic Illness

Remember: should is “could” with “shame” attached. And shame’s a disease in and of itself. It’s okay to allow time to rest and heal. 


The Meaning of Intuition & the Power of Curiosity

Your intuition may be questioned or doubted by those closest to you. It’s critical to develop a solid foundation of trust in your intuition, or this can knock you off track.

Learn to Love Who You Are as You Create the Life You Desire

This journey of self-love is not a straight line. I find myself circling back on old issues time and again. I have learned this is scar tissue—healing has to come in layers. 


Question Your Can’t: Rising Above Limitations

What would happen if you questioned these limitations and channeled that belief into what’s possible for you now?


Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Stepping Into Your Power

Part of releasing self-sabotage and stepping into your power is doing what scares you. Letting go of what is to make space for something new is often the scariest act because the new future something is still unknown.

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