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Tending the garden

Recent events in my life have reinforced my belief that we are all connected and our energy affects who or what surrounds us, whether we are positive or negative. Some people choose to engage with those around them, to inspire and be inspired. They choose to be courageous and connect despite the risk that vulnerability brings. Others…well, not so much.

Our lives, our world – both the inner and outer – are gardens that need to be tended. How we tend that garden determines whether we grow and flourish or wither and die. Our fruit, or lack thereof, is evidence of what we choose. Each day is a choice – we can choose to grow, to remain stagnant or worse yet, to be a weed that needs rooting out.

In the garden, when weeds are removed and a plant is given space, growth doesn’t happen in an instant. The plant has to stretch its roots to establish a strong foundation. The majority of growth happens underground, away from outside view. If a plant is moved, it experiences a period of shock and must be placed in a nurturing soil to rest before growth can begin again. Once the roots spread and expand, much needed nutrition is allowed to flow into the vine and manifest outer change. Nourishment has to begin on the inside.

Plants sometimes need additional support as they grow. Support provided through stakes and twine, help the plant grown straight and steady. This is necessary for a time, but if the plant remains bound to the support, the twine that supported it may eventually choke off future growth and even harm the plant.

Likewise, our lives need nourishment and support if we hope to bear fruit. Maybe you have weeds in your life in the form of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns or toxic people. Maybe you are in shock from being transplanted by a lost job, loved one or other life event. Maybe you are in an intense incubation period of growth where all of your hard work isn’t yet visible to the outside world. Or maybe the support that once sustained and strengthened you is now choking your growth.

Regardless of where you are, self-care is essential. When a plant isn’t growing properly, the gardener doesn’t reprimand the plant or withhold nourishment. Instead, he determines what the plant needs to thrive and provides it. You are your own gardener. You know better than anyone else what you need. You only need to go within and ask. Whether it’s rest, fun or connection with others, try to meet that need in some way. Every step matters, even the baby ones. Remember, you are not alone on this journey. If you need help, ask. The Universe will deliver.

By the way, if you are in the midst of growth you may notice weeds are being removed. For some, your light may be too bright for them to withstand and the Universe is removing them for your growth. Keep moving forward and keep shining. We need your light.

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