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You’ve got this…

So you had a bad day. The bad day to beat all bad days. A spirit-breaking, heart-aching bad day.

The good news is that your today is not defined by your yesterday nor does it define your tomorrow.

Breathe. Stay in this moment. Ride the wave of emotion running through you. You will reach the other side.

And you know what? Your today does not define your yesterday either. Even if you stumble and fall, it does not erase the ground you’ve covered, the growth you’ve achieved. So get back up. Brush yourself off. Stand and face forward. Even if you can’t take another step. Stand.

Know that sometimes we aren’t meant to move forward…at least not just yet. Sometimes we are meant to stay where we are so that we can go deeper and learn more of ourselves. This is the hard part for me – being still does not come easily for me. But trust me on this one. Look at where you are and ask yourself, “What do I need to know right now?”

Be still and listen. You will find exactly what you need. And don’t worry…you’ve got this.

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