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Facing Change

People sometimes say, “It’s never going to change.” Not true. Things are changing all the time. In fact, the only true constant is change. The question is, where are we hanging onto something or someone that isn’t in our best interest because of fear? Where are we holding on too tightly to an old way of doing and being because we’re scared of the unknown?



Swap too letters and the whole meaning changes. Honoring ourselves, what is true and sacred for us is often a scary proposition. On one hand, we want to change. We want to release the bad habit, the toxic relationship, the old ways of thinking. On the other, we’re wanting to hold onto the feeling of comfort and safety they provide – the known quantity.

But it doesn’t work that way. We have to let go of the side of the pool if we ever hope to swim on our own. Of course, life sometimes throws us in the middle of the deep end. In some ways, this is easier. When we’re hanging out at the edge of the pool seeing what we want in the middle, longing for it, we battle our minds. We want to let go, but fear of sinking like a lead weight keeps two fingers tightly gripping the side. When the Universe tosses us into the middle, there’s no time to think – or overthink. It’s either swim or sink. Split-second decisions keep us from second-guessing ourselves.

Truth is, it usually turns out okay in the end. Sometimes it turns out better than okay. I’ve heard and read many accounts of the “holy crap” moments where life has thrown one major curveball after another being the biggest learning and growth period of a person’s life, my own included. When we let go of the edge and begin the work of swimming toward the middle, we find flow. When we trust ourselves and trust we are supported, we find ourselves carried in such moments. As we do the work, we have moments of knowing answers and solutions we logically should not have known. Synchronicity abounds. People, circumstances and resources show up just when we need them. We still have to do the work, but it comes with an undercurrent of ease. Striving instead of struggling. It takes trust – trust in self, trust in our abilities, skills and talents, trust in something greater.

This is why focus determines success. If we focus on the lack in our life, whether it be lack of time, resources or good coffee, the lack grows. However, if we focus on what we have with an attitude of gratitude, it will grow as well.

Abundance comes in many forms. All too often, many go unnoticed in a given day. This is all about taking the occasional step back and reassessing your life. It is easy to see where there is need be it for money, time, help, etc., but what are you abundant in? Are you in reasonably good health? Be grateful for that. Do you have a family or friends that love and support you? Be grateful for that. Do you have access to gaining knowledge or training needed to do your work? Be grateful for that. Time to get some fresh air, even if it’s only a quick walk around the block? See a beautiful sunrise or sunset? A pet or child in your life that adores you just as you are? Celebrate that!

Remember, you are enough just as you are, right now at this very moment. You are here for a purpose, a one-of-a-kind human being with a unique set of desires, skills and interests that make you perfect for being you. Focus on that, on what you do have. As you do, something magical begins to happen. All you are grateful for will begin to grow, to expand. So even if all you have to be grateful for is the opportunity and ability to read these words, be grateful for that. Say a silent thank you to the Universe. Release your expectations about what is going to happen next.

Let go of the edge. Trust. You are created for more!

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