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Wisdom from the silence

As I sat at the page this morning, anxiety poured over me. I closed my eyes and waited.

The stillness spoke.

Surrender. Release. Let it go. Open up.

How do I do that? Truly let go?

Stop holding on so tightly. Clenching.


With every breath released, release a little more of the tension, stress, anxiety, control, grip, angst.

With every breath in, breathe in My love, healing, calm, truth, joy, peace.

Breathe in love, breathe out fear. Trust the process.

Let it flow. Be joy. Be peace. It is your natural state.

To be counter to that state causes tightness in your belly. That’s your cue.

When you notice the tightness, breathe in, then out. Then ask, “What am I fearing at this moment?”

Pay attention. I am speaking to you all the time. If you can’t hear me, notice where fear is.

Pay attention. Be in each moment. Allow Truth to come forth.

Be love. It is who you are. Be peace. Be joy. They are extensions of love. Allow yourself to be one with all.

You are made to create. It is what you are born to do. Connect through creation.

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